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Evolved from the Terp Pen, we’re proud to introduce the Terp Pen XL! The Terp Pen XL features adjustable temperature settings and improved ceramic coil design for better airflow and larger hits. Simply tap the body three times to cycle the temperature settings and easily check the battery life by tapping twice. For your convenience, in the cap there’s a discreet quartz bucket to store your concentrates.

The Boundless Terp Pen XL is an electronic aromatherapy device specifically designed for consuming herbal concentrates. There is no button on the unit and it relies on an inhale from the user to activate the heating element. Once activated, concentrate can be applied onto the heating element by using a dab tool, lightly touching the heated end to concentrate in a glass jar, or quartz storage compartment located inside the cap. The device is made of stainless steel and can be easily maintained by disassembling the pieces and wiping them down with isopropyl alcohol accordingly.

Portable & Discreet

The Terp Pen XL is slightly larger than your average pen making it ultra-discreet and easy too fit in your pocket. Equipped with long battery life, the Terp Pen XL allows for all day use and can be recharged using the included Micro USB cable.

Adjustable Voltage/Heat

Tap three times near the USB port to cycle through the three voltage modes. This will allow three different heating experiences and can be compared to low heat, medium heat, and high heat. The user can also tap the pen on a table or hard surface to change the temperature if tapping with a finger is not preferred. To see the current heating level, inhale on the unit. The color displayed will indicate the voltage level.

Blue: 3.3v Green: 3.7v Red: 4.0v

Quartz Storage Compartment

A quartz bucket comes installed inside the topmost part of the XL cap. This quartz bucket is inlaid to the top of the compartment which is screwed to the Terp Pen XLs heating element cap. It is threaded for security and works wonders when using the unit on the go; it can be used for storing your concentrates or dabbing directly off the quartz.

Quick Charging

& Battery Indicator

The Terp Pen XL fully charges in about 45 minutes and can be used with most standard charging blocks. To check the Battery Level simply Tap 2 times near the USB port to check battery level. The color of the LED will indicate the current battery level percentage.

Red: 0-32% Blue: 33-65% Green: 66-100%

Maintaining the Terp Pen XL

The Terp Pen XL can be broken down for easy cleaning with isopropyl alcohol or alcohol prep pads. Do not get any liquid in the USB port or on the coil connection located on the battery module. The air holes at the bottom of the heating element should also be paid attention when cleaning. If this becomes clogged the vapor path will become closed and burn off the concentrate.


700 mAh battery

Adjustable heat settings

Quartz bucket storage

Fast-charging micro USB

Heat up fast

Breath activation

Built-in battery indicator

100% medical-grade stainless steel.

What’s in the Box: 

1x Boundless Terp Pen XL Battery

1x Ceramic heating coil

1x multi-tool

1x cleaning tool

1x USB charging cable

1x Quick start guide

How does it work? 

Inhale to activate the heating element and place the tip into your concentrate jar, and enjoy! The coolest thing about this pen is that you can also use the quartz bucket to store your concentrates and hit directly out of the pen. 


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