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The EFEST 18650 3000mAh Battery is a very popular 18650 lithium-ion battery cell. It is often considered an alternative to the Imren Batteries. It is intended for use in high capacity 18650 battery packs that need extra discharge current. It can power a wide range of devices including an EEG headset, or thermal receipt printer. EFEST 18650 batteries are highly regarded for performance, quality and safety. The EFEST 3000mAh 18650 battery can power a wide range of devices including a smart video doorbell, 3D printing pen, or military flashlight. The EFEST 18650 (3000mAh) high-drain battery has a long storage life, it’s lightweight and comes equipped with high energy! This battery can also be used high-drain devices that are compatible with 18650 batteries. The rechargeable battery is designed with lithium-ion and performs with a powerful charge.

This low-cost, Cheap EFEST 18650 3000mAh (35A) Battery gets great reviews in respected online battery forums. The discharge characteristics of this high drain battery make it ideal for use in low and mid-power, regulated tools. Using dependable Li-ion battery chemistry,  EFEST specifications list this purple,  3000mAh (35A) 18650 battery with an expected life of over 500 recharge cycles. Whether you use a low-power device or a high powered device this affordable, 35 Amp,  EFEST 18650 3000mAh battery will perk-up the performance of your electronic device!

The EFEST 18650 (3000mAh) 35A 3.7V flat-top battery is designed with lithium-ion and operates on a full charge. This battery runs on high-capacity and low inner resistance. The EFEST 3000mAh 18650 35A 3.7V battery is rechargeable and works with devices that are equipped for high draining. This battery has a life cycle of over 500 cycles making it long-lasting.

IMR 18650 3000



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