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The revolutionary Wi-pod™ empowers you to enjoy a clean and discreet distillate vaping experience, without any of the drawbacks. This device produces superior vapor with amazing flavor that lasts even through your longest of seshes.

The patented, cutting-edge dual airflow and ceramic coil ensures a consistently powerful hit and incredible taste – all without leakage or spit back. The Wi-Pod was designed by vaping enthusiasts to elevate you to the highest of heights with no hassles and the discretion you crave. Become a part of the revolution: pick up yours today.

Specifications and Features:

Easy to fill pods

Powerful ceramic coils

Patented dual air flow system

Battery: 350 mAh

Pod capacity: 1 ml

Coil construction: Ceramic coil

Coil resistance: 1.25 ohm

All Day Battery Life

This powerful 350mah lithium-ion battery has enough life to last through your longest seshes. The three-level power indicator and micro USB charge port allow even your uplifted mind to remember to Dual Air Flow

Wi-Pod’s patented dual airflow system maximizes the flavor experience while removing any harshness and providing the smoothest draw every time.charge it.

Easy to Fill Pods

The innovative 1ml pod design will allow you to fill up even your thickest distillates and oils with ease. Compatible with refillable and disposable pods, the Wi-Pod is the perfect fit for all of your vaping needs.

Powerful Ceramic Coils

The Wi-Pod features cutting-edge ceramic coils that provide a nearly instantaneous heating to the perfect temperature for a full-bodied vapor and robust flavor, lifting you to the highest of heights of enjoyment with a smooth even drag.

Durable Lightweight Polymer Body

Don’t settle for a device that will weigh you down or break on you when you’re craving a hit–the durable polymer body of the Wi-Pod is designed to last you for years to come.

Product Kit :-

Wi-Pod Vape Device

Two 1.25ohm Wi-Pod cartridges for your thick concentrates

Stylish Neck Lanyard

USB charge cable

User manual

Filling Instructions

Pull the silicon plug from the filling port

Plunge up to 1mL of your own concentrates into the pod (Syringes work best)

Leave the pod to cool with the filling port open and facing up

After about 5-10 minutes, close/load your pod into the device and experience the Wi-Pod

Refill when Empty!

Color in Label



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